Rosalie is a
💎dōTERRA Blue💎Leader
❤️Full of Love and Generosity❤️  
🏆Master NLP & Time Line Practitioner🏆

Rosalie loves guiding people to live in full evolvement.  She believes we are all Designed4More and as we embrace life and encourage one another, she envisions a brighter future of wellness and wealth. The changes are up to us!

How can Rosalie help you move from trials to triumph? Threading her faith through all facets of her personal and professional life, Rosalie is someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart. As mentor and inspiration for an international team of 40,000 people, Rosalie knows how to:
  • Take you from being stuck to standing tall.
  • Inspire you to move forward toward wellness and freedom.
  • Find the trust in God to live your best life now.

After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with degree in Business Administration, Rosalie held several corporate positions. But running her own business, with the financial and spiritual freedom that entails, was always her dream.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Rosalie has developed, and been a guest speaker on, numerous YouTube series, become a featured speaker on national and international platforms, and appeared in numerous articles and trade collateral. But she is most passionate about her role as a person-to-person leader; says Rosalie, “I lead by example. I seek to live a life whose core beliefs and values I practice—rather than merely talk about. A life I value, and others can also legitimately value.”

"I see the good in people and believe in them, even when they don't!"
—Rosalie Elliott