"Living NOW" in 2017!

What were the highlights of 2016 for you? Was it a year to remember or a year you hope to forget?  For me, I focused on Abundance which carried through in all aspects of my life.  My quote, “Believe Your Actions Create Limitless Abundance”, gave me the mindset to live in abundance and keep my thoughts on the joys of life, whether it was an abundance of God’s love & grace, time with family & friends or essential oil sharing & mentoring, I enjoyed living abundantly!

No matter what 2016 was for you, guess what?  You get to choose what you bring with you into 2017.  Whether you want a year focused on having a more grateful heart, a more generous spirit, more success in business, or a new hair style, you get to choose and decide to make it your best year ever!  Guaranteed though, life will continue to happen around you; therefore, I hope you will choose to live & find joy in all circumstances!

I’m always excited to announce my new theme and I’ve chosen one that will help me stay focused on the 1000’s of small decisions that will come my way, whether it be about family or business, it speaks to me in a multitude of ways.  My 2017 theme is “Living NOW” and this will be reflected in both my personal & professional life throughout the coming year.  I’ll reference it, I’ll make decisions based on it, and I’ll choose peace & freedom daily to live it!  Does this mean that my life will be perfect?  OH NO!!  Life never is; however, when you resolve to be a part of something bigger than yourself, you get to enjoy the benefits associated with that.  One area that has great benefits is being part of the dōTERRA family which is full of amazing, kind, generous, like-minded, fun-loving people that work together to fulfill their own dreams and health goals while helping other people fulfill theirs.  This, my friend, is one very important key component to my choosing Living NOW as my 2017 theme.

I love that we help one another stay focused on enjoying life while intentionally learning skills that produce incredible results.  Truly, we are all Designed4More and 2017 will be a year of growth, happiness and progress in living the lives we are meant to live now!  If you are not yet enjoying the many benefits of dōTERRA, let’s chat!

It’s going to be an epic year for me, what about you??  Are you ready for the life you were designed to live?

“Living NOW” will be an exciting journey!


"Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself…….”   ~ Matthew 6:34 ~

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