Staying Active

The weather in Alaska is absolutely gorgeous and since taking action to improve my physical core is part of living healthier, it wasn't surprising to me that I was inspired by a couple friends to venture outdoors and take a hike. Now granted I had never been to Skyline Trail before; however, I had heard the name many times from many local friends so I decided that it sounded like a lot of fun.

After discussing with a few friends, we all decided that 5/5/14 was the Day!!  One of the great things about a FUN idea is sometimes we don't really look at all the things we should.

Oh, I thought I was prepared: 2 bottles of water, 2 granola bars, windbreaker jacket, toilet paper, essential oils, great tennis shoes and even trimmed toenails per one of the inspirational ladies that stated it would help in the downhill journey. All in all, I think we were gone 8 hours from my house to Skyline Mountain top (yes, signed my name in the book that was in the orange box) and back home. Now what happened in between was a bit shocking! Not scary or anything like that - well maybe like that... This is the lesson I want to impart to anyone that is really not in a regular exercise program: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TRAIL first!

Yes, I made it and was EXTREMELY happy, but I realized that not only was it an extremely difficult trail on the way up, but it was grueling on the way down too! My suggestion is through time and consistency of a regular work out program you will not only conquer the Mountains, but you will do it without extreme pain after! Also, be sure to know more about the trail and the hikers you are traveling with, much like our business partners - we all have different skills & abilities - making sure we gently guide people can be a lot less painful instead of putting a challenge in front of them that is way out of their current comfort zone. Step by Step we can help each other improve our CORE - the journey will be a lot more enjoyable too!

Who wants to go on a hike with me soon? I'm learning.   Nowadays, I thoroughly enjoy my treadmill and I'm working up to another great hike!

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