"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained." - Walt Disney -

Learning can be fun and challenging, but I've found that as long as it's a subject that is of interest to us, then we generally pay attention. When I first started learning about essential oils in February 2011, there were so many aspects from the scientific, to the Biblical references, to the uses, to the testing and quality, to what the company was about, to how you earn money, yet I never worried about knowing everything, in fact, I thoroughly enjoy that I'm not an expert in the oils. I believe this helps me stay connected with our team as many are not as knowledgeable about them either so we continue to learn together. Also, I've come to learn that just as we are all unique, the oils work differently yet have similarities for each of us. It's a complex yet simple way to enjoy side benefits versus side effects.

Fortunately I'm very resourceful and enjoy helping people find the answers to their questions. I enjoy doing both live trainings and webinars and have presented internationally on numerous occasions. As our team continues to expand around the globe, I will continue to share the knowledge I receive regarding all the areas mentioned above, as timely as possible. Mentoring others to be resourceful is a gift that I've been given and sharing it with others is truly rewarding.

Building our legacy of wellness is going to take time and consistency - I am so excited for this journey we are on together!

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