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Designed4More understands the struggles—whether it's fears, sadness, grief, confusion, loneliness, guilt, shame, or other emotions holding you back, we know, You ARE  Designed4More!

Designed4More offers Evolvement Through Exhortation: Meet Rosalie Elliott, Owner, Visionary, and Mentor!  She emphasizes transformative impact through encouragement and guidance.

Rosalie Faithfully Embraces 3 Core Foundations:
God, Self-Care, and Community

"My trust in the Lord has brought numerous blessings and deep contentment into my life.
As I grow and surround myself with amazing family and friends, I invite you to join us in embracing all that God has intended for us!
I'm excited about the prospect of connecting with you. Let's chat soon!"

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Rosalie's Guided Journal & Circle Groups!

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